Naturally Trim Canada Now Offers 7 On Plan Quest Protein Bars December 30 2014

Just in time for the New Year we are pleased to offer 7 "on plan" Quest Protein Bars.  These are quick and easy snacks if you are busy and on the run with work, a busy family life and all of our hectic schedules.....everyone needs to be a drive through Sue once in awhile :)

We have taken the guess work out of determining which ones are a Fuel Pull and which ones are considered a light S.  This was previously posted on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page by Trish D'Antonio (one of the Trim Healthy Mama admins).  "There are 7 Quest Protein Bars that are currently on plan.  Those with 5 grams of Fat or less are considered a Fuel Pull and those with 6 grams of Fat or more are considered a light S."  

Double Chocolate Chunk (6 g of Fat - Light S)

Cinnamon Roll (6 g of Fat - Light S)

Strawberry Cheesecake (4.5 g of Fat - Fuel Pull)

Lemon Cream Pie (6 g of Fat - Light S)

Coconut Cashew (6 g of Fat - Light S)

Banana Nut Muffin (5 g of Fat - Fuel Pull)

Chocolate Peanut Butter (5 g of Fat - Fuel Pull)