The Importance Of Collagen Supplementation and Something New For You Collagen Fans! April 25 2015

One of my favorite Trim Healthy Mama discoveries is the Healing Trimmy.  I've been enjoying one with my breakfast or afternoon snack for the past few months, with MCT oil and Great Lakes Gelatin - Collagen Hydrolysate.  Collagen has so much to offer and I was excited to find another great source of collagen to try.....SeaSource Hydrolyzed Marine Source Collagen

Why Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplementation?

 For those of you who aren't sure of the difference between hydrolyzed and non-hydrolyzed collagen - the hydrolyzed collagen is much easier to digest. When collagen is hydrolyzed, the protein molecules are broken into smaller molecules allowing it to be absorbed by the body faster than a non-hydrolyzed protein.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a key component of our connective tissues and as we age it is well known that collagen production decreases.  Other factors that can decrease collagen production are hormonal changes, drugs, alcohol, processed food, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, overwork, radiation, fluoridated water, excess sun, nutritional deficits, dehydration, stress, trauma.  Did you notice the highlighted words - that used to be a big component of my diet before Trim Healthy Mama came along and is a large component of an average persons diet unfortunately.

Where can you find Collagen in your body?

lungs……….arteries………discs……….0blood cells

skin               muscles…….bones………..cartilage……..liver

other organs……hair…………joints………..nails…………prostate

So what does this mean to you as collagen levels drop off or are reduced?

One of the most common examples of collagen decrease is the sagging tendency of our skin and muscles as we age, which doctors call ptosis. Bones begin to lose their density and joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic.  Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker and provide less cushion between joints - aka arthritis.  Some people experience hair loss and you may notice your hair is not as curly or thick.  Organs can also begin to sag towards the floor (due to loss of support from muscle and tissue that is intended to keep things where they are supposed to be).  Organs can weaken and become enlarged and the most noticeable is the appearance of the skin as it becomes thinner and wrinkly.

Why use Collagen Supplements?

Once the body is provided with usable building blocks for new collagen, often for the first time in years, so many systems can show improvement:

  • lean muscle gain
  • muscle tone
  • skin toning and thickening
  • joint rebuilding
  • arterial strengthening
  • thickening hair and nails
  • increased energy from musculoskeletal surcharge
  • organ rebuilding: heart, prostate, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, etc.

Even chronic problems can be improved with daily supplementation with collagen:

  • osteoporosis
  • arthritis in joints bladder weakness (helping with prolapse or sagging bladder)
  • obesity (acts as a natural appetite suppressant)
  • chronic fatigue 
  • autoimmune situations
  • skin problems (acne)
  • splitting nails

What is SeaSource Collagen?

SeaSource Collagen is made from wild-caught deep sea fish and contains much higher levels of the amino acids glycine and proline. It is easily mixed and dissolved with juice, coffee, tea, and can be blended with smoothies and added to your meals.  Every bottle comes with a certificate of analysis for purity and unlike farmed fish collagen there are zero antibiotics or growth hormones used.  Don't let the name fool you - there is zero fish smell or taste.  The recommended daily dose is (2 tablespoons) for optimum results.

A great review for SeaSource Collagen:

"I have a Healing & Lifestyle Modification Consulting Practice. I also specialize in Stress & Pain Management. I work with several Physicians and their Patients. Although I work with Patients of all ages, I am particularly interested in providing my 55+ yr Patients with a quality source of Type 1 Collagen as many have joint, tendon, muscle & bone health issues. I am particularly interested in your product as it is of excellent & heavy metal free quality."
(One month later..)
"Just a quick note to let you know how I LOVE your Fish Collagen Product... It is an amazing product & the best dissolving protein powder that I have used."
- Dr. R. October 2011 Laguna Woods, California

Great Lakes Gelatin - Hydrolyzed Collagen:

We also carry another brand of hydrolyzed collagen from Great Lakes Gelatin.  This is also a fantastic product and is from grass fed beef - a very clean product as well. 

Regardless of which product you choose to try the key is to begin to use a hydrolyzed collagen source daily in your diet to reap all of the benefits from more radiant skin, healthy hair and overall improvement to your health.  So, whether you are following Trim Healthy Mama and heard about collagen supplementation through the book or you are someone with arthritis, osteoporosis or just wanting to improve the look of you skin and hair - collagen supplementation is for you!

For Fun, For Health, For Life - For YOU!