Exercise Routines May 23 2015

Health Benefits of Exercise

There are so many health benefits of exercise.  We've all heard this and read this over and over again.  I know I feel great when I'm getting my exercise, and not nearly as great when I'm not.  There are countless articles and books written on this topic.  The Mayo Clinic has information on their website on the benefits of exercise.  Serene and Pearl recognize the importance of this in their book Trim Healthy Mama.  Authors Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge M.D. have lots to say about this in their book Younger Next Year.

For me the hardest part is fitting it into my weekly schedule because my weekly schedule is usually not planned out around "me".  Time seems to be a scarce resource for me and I've come to the conclusion, and not for the first time, that I need to put a higher priority on making sure I am getting enough exercise.  So what's my plan this time?  Well, I just celebrated my 50th birthday, so now I'm more serious than ever to make sure I find a way to "work-in" my "work-out".

I've been making "OK" progress on this over the past month or so, but I feel like the priority could easily shift away from this again (as it has countless times before).  I've come to realize that my plan needs to have some built in flexibility and that my schedule needs to include my workout times and alternate workout times.  It also needs to be fun and I need to feel motivated, and it needs to be simple and include things I can do on my own or with someone else.  So here is my three point plan to get started on putting priority on exercise.  I expect that I will add to and adjust this plan as I go, but for now, here's my start-up plan:

Scheduling Exercise

I am setting up an exercise calendar, and I'm giving myself permission to treat my exercise as a high priority item.   It might be a simple list written in pen, or I might add it to my work calendar or I might add it to my home calendar or I might set it up on another calendar all on it's own, but whatever I chose, I am going to schedule this as a priority. Ideally this will include some time for cardio training and some time for resistance training.

Motivation to Exercise

I need to keep this fun and flexible.  I have two great ideas on this front.  I am really interested in joining a gym.  I did have a gym membership for years and recently gave it up as I couldn't justify the cost because I just couldn't find the time to go.  I really miss my gym workouts and I do think that if I schedule my exercise realistically I would go.  I also think I might be more motivated to exercise with some"buddy" from time to time.  I enjoy exercising on my own, but it's also fun to exercise with friends and family.   Jeana and I have had a lot of fun with exercise classes and some great Zumba workouts, and my husband and I love to cross country ski and although I can't keep pace (yet) we do find some time to jog together now and then. 

Workout Routines

I think that if I plan my workout routines and track my exercise it will help me see progress and it will also give me some data to use to set some realistic goals.  I am really interested in learning more about the Fitbit and I think that I would like one with a heart rate monitor so that I measure my work out efforts.  Whether I track this on a list on paper (i.e. the time it takes to jog my planned route) or invest in a device of some sort, I am going to try to track my exercise and use this information for scheduling and for setting some goals.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned ...... this might just become my Friday Fitness File.... :)