Hemp, The Happy Seed - Introducing Manitoba Harvest Products - Pearl And Serene's Favorite Brand June 06 2015

Trim Healthy Mama Super Food - Hemp

 Serene and Pearl's favorite brand of Hemp is the Manitoba Harvest Brand.  " In our opinon, their best product of all is Pro 70 Hemp Protein Powder.  Hemp seed has a remarkable amino acid profile for a plant food.  As an addition to healthy anima foods, it adds impact to your dietary protein.  It contains high amounts of phenylalanine, an amino acid which converts to PEA in the body and makes you feel happy.  This is the very same brain chemical which is released when you fall in love.  It induces feelings of bliss, contentment, companionship and even passion.  You feel a natural and healthy buss with daily consumption.  If you are feeling down, add some hemp!"  Trim Healthy Mama Book - Page 197

If you haven't thought about trying Hemp products yet these two would be a great place to start.  Hemp is one of the most potent foods available and provides a broad spectrum of health benefits, including: weight loss, increased and sustained energy, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improvement in circulation and immune system as well as natural blood sugar control.  

Introducing Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts and HempPro 70 Powder:

HempPro 70 Powder:

The world's first easy-to-mix hemp protein powder. 

  • Water soluble - mixes easily into any delicious drink! Just add to shaker cup and go.
  • Smooth, creamy texture that tastes great!
  • Can also be stirred into yogurt, or hot cereal and is great for baking.
  • Complete plant-based protein.
  • Per 30 gram serving, HempPro 70 contains 20 grams of protein and 3.4 grams of Omega 3 & 6.

Manitoba Harvest HempPro 70 is the world’s first water soluble hemp protein powder. This means that you can easily mix HempPro 70 in a shaker cup with any delicious drink of your choice. With 20 grams of protein per 30 gram serving, HempPro 70 is a complete plant based protein, offering all essential amino acids - great for vegan or vegetarian diets. It is mild tasting with a creamy texture that is delicious when added to your favourite smoothie recipe, or stirred into yogurt or hot cereal.


Hemp Hearts:

 There’s no need to grind or cook Hemp Hearts as they are ready to eat straight from the bag, making them simple to incorporate into your diet!

After shelling or de-hulling the whole hemp seed, you are left with only the center – the ‘Hemp Heart’. With its raw nutrition, rich nutty flavour and tender crunch, Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use and are good for you! Eat them straight out of the package or sprinkle them on anything - salad, cereal, yogurt - the only limit is your imagination!

Hemp Hearts may look little, but they contain 10 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving - more than a comparable serving of Flax or Chia.

Our producers deliver whole seed directly to our state-of-the-art, global food safety and quality certified facility. Here the seed is de-hulled and goes through over 30 food quality and safety tests before being packaged in a modified atmosphere, light impermeable package to lock in the freshness.

All of our packaging includes the ‘packaged on’ and ‘best before’ dates to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product available. Hemp Hearts, as with all Manitoba Harvest products, are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Interested in trying Hemp Products?

Hemp Hearts

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