Trim Healthy Naturals Are On Their Way! August 28 2015

What an exciting few weeks to be a Trim Healthy Mama!  

First we all received a surprise from Pearl and Serene for those who pre-ordered the new books due to be released Sept 15 - the sneak peeks and free downloadable goodies!

The second surprise was the release of Trim Healthy Mama Gentle Sweet and Xylitol into Canada due to arrive at the same time as the new books!  We know so many of you have been waiting to try this new product and from what we are hearing the Gentle Sweet and Baking Blend are big in the new cookbook!

The third surprise was late last night we received word that 4 of the Trim Healthy Naturals products are now available in Canada!  Like I said what a week!  We have ordered the scented and unscented Hippie Sticks, Orange Silk Cream and The Spunj.  We are still waiting for Bountiful Balm and Kit Clear as they are still not available.  Orders with these products will ship Sept 15!