Update For Those Who Are Waiting On Orders With All The New THM Products September 15 2015

We are busy contacting each of you this evening via email to provide you all with an update on your orders.  Those of you that have orders pending with any of the following products - The two new Trim Healthy Mama Books, Gentle Sweet, Xylitol and the new Trim Healthy Naturals line - we had planned to ship out your orders today.  Unfortunately, we were informed that there will be a Canadian wide delay on the shipping of the books to the THM warehouse.  All of the products will be arriving to us in one big order so even if your order did not contain the new books there will still be a delay.  We do apologize and there was a glitch on the publishers end which is out of our control.  The good news is we have each and every box already packed and all we need to do is add the new items so we should be quick and efficient once everything arrives to us.  As soon as we finish the packages you will receive a shipping notification email and this will contain your tracking number with Canada Post.  We are hoping this is a very brief delay of just a few days!

We will post on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/naturallytrimcanada as we get updates as well as on our blog.

Fingers crossed and thank you all for your patience! 

Jeana and Janie