Trim Healthy Mama - Not Naughty Noodles and Egg Roll in a Bowl February 02 2015

I planned a special meal for this evening so I could sample one of our newest products - Trim Healthy Mama Not-Naughty Noodles. We also have the Not-Naughty Rice and that is tomoorw nights dinner - Chinese fried rice!

I had made egg roll in a bowl (recipe from big taste trim waist) the day before so it was ready for after work today. Then I fried up two packages of the noodles in a little bit of sesame oil and a touch of ginger. Then mixed the two together and just before serving added a splash of Braggs liquid aminos and a handful of peanuts. I can't say enough how amazing these noodles are - there is no smell and the texture is very good and appealing when eating. I can see how both of these new products will add so much variety to meal planning seeing as there are no carbs, calories or fat - the sky is the limit with your creativity and imagination. Yet another reason why we love Trim Healthy Mama - you can make it your own! The dating on the packages is very good as well - October 30, 2015. 

Add noodles or rice to your meals for a new twist on your meals - made with konjac root these are a very healthy and filling addition to any meal!  Just make sure you drink lots of water as with any gluccomannan-konjac root based product.