Trim Healthy Mama Not-Naughty Rice


Introducing Not-Naughty Rice!

Not-Naughty-Rice contains 6g fiber, which is known to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as a part of a healthy diet. The rice is made from Japanese Konjac Root, which is one of the most alkalizing foods found in nature (even higher than green super foods). Konjac Root fiber is known as Glucomannan and is both a powerful colon cleanser and detox aid. Glucomannan is a healthy alternative to processed flours. Unlike other rice that explode the fat cells, Not-Naughty-Rice makes fat scram. So scoop it up and indulge heartily.

Ahhh... now that's NICE... not NAUGHTY.


- Zero Net Carbs
- Amount of Net Carbs is calculated by subtracting the total dietary fiber from total carb count.


Konjac Flour, Water, Calcium Hydroxide

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