Dutch Monarch Gourmet Ice Cream Mix - Sugar Free Chocolate (120g)

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Dutch Monarch Gourmet Ice Cream 

Dutch Monarch Gourmet Ice Cream is a family business based out of Canada.  Their special family recipe was developed in Holland during the early 1900's and they have carried the tradition over to Canada.  Cathy is a firm believer in Trim Healthy Mama and follows the lifestyle and decided to take their amazing ice cream recipe and make a sugar free on plan option!  

One package makes 5 cups of ice cream and the best part you can add whatever you want to the ice cream prior to freezing it - fruit, nuts or chocolate chips!  The second best part each 1/2 a cup of prepared ice cream has 2g of net carbs! ***If you can find heavy cream with zero carbs that takes the carb count down to 1g of net carbs***

It is so easy to mix up - all you need is 2 cups of heavy cream and cold water and mix with an electric hand mixer for 3.5 minutes - no ice cream maker needed!   Also, for those of you who are lactose intolerant you can use a lactose free version of heavy cream!


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