Trim Healthy Naturals - Hippie Stick Scented Baking Soda Free

$7.99 $15.99

*NOTE: This is the BAKING SODA-FREE version of the SCENTED Hippie Stick. Specifically engineered for those with skin sensitivities to Baking Soda.

Hippie Stick deodorant is a truly effective all-natural odor solution. Hippie Stick comes in a refreshingly spicy scent thats has just the right floral bouquet while the unscented Hippie Stick has only a clean coconut scent and contains no essential oils. Both offer unmatched, all-natural odor protection without any harmful ingredients and you’ll appreciate the throwback design and oval twist-up tube too!

To quote Serene, “Hippie Stick is straight to your bloodstream stuff!” She’s so right because whatever you put on your skin, especially under your arms, goes straight into your body! That alone is a reason enough to try the Hippie Stick let alone the fact that there’s no more messy dipping and slathering. No more harmful ingredients and fear of heavy metals.

Peeps, we are beyond excited about this tried and true personal care product! We have been testing and using this for years...we wanted it to be perfect...we wanted it to be the purest and now you’ve just got to give this a try! Finally, the Hippie Stick brings all-natural smell goods to your entire family. It’s time to get your Hippie on!

And like all other Trim Healthy Naturals’ products, you will not find any water, harmful chemicals, or nasty preservatives because everything we make is absolute skin food!

Suggested uses:
-Under Arms
-Personal Areas

-No Antiperspirants
-Fresh Scents

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